World War I Resource Pack

This resource pack it has been inspired by the great war, will change the look of your minecraft to an atmosphere of war.

Texture Quality

This pack has dark texture and with little saturation, to offer a war atmosphere, all texture are of x32 quality and others textures are of x64 very great for details. The pack will no change all the existing textures in the game, it will only change the most common.

Also, there are thematic blocks, such as barbed wire, sandbag, ammo crate, land mine, spile fence, and much more, ideal for decorating de battlefield


Guns and melee weapons

There are multiple weapons of different types that you can use. There are shotguns, bolt rifles, guns and semi automatic rifles. When you don’t have ammo, you need to defend yourselft some way, you can use the bayonets of your gun to attack enemies, or use others melee weapons such as trench mace, knife, machete, mace with spikes or… a plank.

Basically, this texture pack will remplace the bow and crossbow of minecraft by guns. You may be wondering, how can you get all these weapons? Optifine allow additional items to this pack. Look at the INFO folder inside the pack to get weapons, uniforms and more.

Armies and uniforms

You can play with different recognized armies for participating in this war, among them we have: Germany, Britain, Austria Hungary, France and Ottoman Empire. Possibly new armies will be added as the pack is update.

The uniforms are based on the reality of the old times. There are two variants for each army, the normal uniform and the armored uniform, you can use any.

If you have optifine you can use any uniform of the pack in any minecraft armor, that is, you can make the gold armor look like a German, British, Ottoman uniform.


Game mode

  • PvP: fight with your friends, use the different weapons and blocks to create a map.
  • Wave: play with your friends or alone, defend the village and survive the wave of the pillagers (german soldiers)
  • Design maps: design your maps, use the different thematic blocks.
  • PvP Servers: play SkyWars, CTW, SkyPvP and other pvp modes. Each uniforms has the characteristic color of its material, example, the diamond armor is the blue uniform, so you know what armor the other players are wearing.