Thalyrus Medieval Warfare

Resource pack with castle medieval style in all textures. Created for combat purposes, building and survival.


What is Thalyrus?

Thalyrus is a resource pack for Minecraft with a castle medieval style in all textures. This pack includes different medieval weapons, combat sounds, 3D model, war theme, addons and much more!

Thalyrus was created for combat purposes, building and survival, a perfect balance! It is currently in development, i want to offer the best possible content monthly.

Texture Quality

All textures are in an amaizin x32 quality to offer a better look. Minecraft is characterized by its pixels and we do not want to forget that, so i have decided to establish an intermediate quality (hight and low quality).

Thalyrus perfectly combine the textures of stone and wood, designed to build medieval structures, like watchtower, docks, castles, cottage and more.

I have also designed 3D models to replace minecraft models, with the aim of improving the appearance and giving it a more realistic touch



Thalyrus was created with the inspiration of popular games like Age of Empires, Chivalry and Medieval Total War.

We have designed many weapons and shields that you can use, if you have optifine installed in your minecraft. To give a sense of real combat, we have included custom sounds, like sword clashes, war cry and impact sounds. You can feel like a true medieval soldier fighting for your Kingdom.