WWI Resource Pack Guide


Welcome to the world war i reource pack guide, in this guide you can see how to use all the objects that this resource pack brings to you. Weapons, armies, uniforms and objects are very elementary aspects of a war war, this pack has many models based on the First World War, with this guide you can get them all and enjoy all the content of the pack! Remember to have optifine installed in your minecraft.


You must have Optifine installed on your Minecraft
Enable this option in: Options / Video Settings / Quality / Custom items: ON
If you have Minecraft Forge the additional weapons may not work
This guide will work for versions: 1.14.x 1.15.x & 1.16.x of Minecraft
This guide is updated for the latest version of the pack (v2.5)


There are many weapons you can use! There are two methods to obtain them, using commands or changing the name on an anvil, it is advisable to use the commands since it includes appropriate enchantments for each weapon, you can modify them if you wish.



Copy and paste the following commands into the in-game chat to generate weapons with suitable enchantments:

Commands for crossbow

Lee-Enfield with piercing I, quick charge III and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Lee-Enfield\""},Enchantments:[{id:piercing,lvl:1},{id:quick_charge,lvl:3},{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}

Gewehr 98 with piercing I, quick charge III and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Gewehr 98\""},Enchantments:[{id:piercing,lvl:1},{id:quick_charge,lvl:3},{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}

Lewis Gun with quick charge V:

/give @p crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Lewis Gun\""},Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:5}]}

Chauchat with quick charge V:


/give @p crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Chauchat\""},Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:5}]}

MP18 with quick charge V:


/give @p crossbow{display:{Name:"\"MP18\""},Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:5}]}

MG08 with quick charge V:


/give @p crossbow{display:{Name:"\"MG08\""},Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:5}]}

Note: this weapon must be used without moving because its a heavy machine gun.

Winchester M1897 shotgun with multishot, quick charge II and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Winchester M1897 shotgun\""},Enchantments:[{id:multishot,lvl:1},{id:quick_charge,lvl:2},{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}

Sawed-off Shotgun with multishot, quick charge II and sharpness VIII:

/give @p minecraft:crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Sawed-off Shotgun\""},Enchantments:[{id:multishot,lvl:1},{id:quick_charge,lvl:2},{id:sharpness,lvl:8}]}

Flare Gun:

/give @p minecraft:crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Flare Gun\""}}

Commands for bow

Lee-Enfield with power II and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"Lee-Enfield\""},Enchantments:[{id:power,lvl:2},{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}

Gewehr 98 with power II and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"Gewehr 98\""},Enchantments:[{id:power,lvl:2},{id:sharpness,lvl:10}]}

Winchester M1907 with power I and sharpness X:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"Winchester M1907\""},Enchantments:[{id:power,lvl:1},{id:sharpness,lvl:X}]}

M1911 with power I, infinity and sharpnessVIII:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"M1911\""},Enchantments:[{id:infinity,lvl:1},{id:power,lvl:1},{id:sharpness,lvl:8}]}

Luger Parabellum with power I, infinity and sharpness VIII:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"Luger Parabellum\""},Enchantments:[{id:infinity,lvl:1},{id:power,lvl:1},{id:sharpness,lvl:8}]}

Mauser C96 with power I, infinity and sharpness VIII:

/give @p minecraft:bow{display:{Name:"\"Mauser C96\""},Enchantments:[{id:power,lvl:1},{id:infinity,lvl:1},{id:sharpness,lvl:8}]}


You must place the item on an anvil and rename the weapon you want:

Rename the bow by:

Lee Enfield
M1907 (As the default bow)

Rename the crossbow by:

Lee Enfield
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Lewis Gun
Gewehr (As the default crossbow)


machine gun mechanims2


In this link you can have more information about the weapons, such as country of origin, fire mode, type of weapon and more:



Optfine allows the pack to add additional items to the game, so you need to have Optifine installed on your Minecraft. These additional items will only change the appearance of the item, without altering its statistics or game programming code, for example, it is possible to change the appearance of a default crossbow from minecraft to a Lee Enfield rifle, change a sword for a trench mace and much more.


You can modify it to remove the armor and convert any uniform into another army. For example, you can make the British uniform (golden armor) change the skin to a french, ottoman, german uniform… in order to preserve the properties of the armor.

Note: not work for leather armor

Normal uniform
Use the anvil to rename any helmet, chestplate, leggings or boots by:
– French
– German
– British
– Austro
– Ottoman
– American
– Russian
– Belgian

Armored Uniform
Use the anvil to rename any helmet, chestplate and leggings by:
– French armored
– German armored
– British armored
– Austro armored
– Ottoman armored
– American armored
– Russian armored
– Belgian armored

Note: armored boots not exist


By default, the uniforms will already have armor, this is for those players who will use the pack to play SkyWars or other pvp modes on servers. The default armor only represents the color of the army uniform.

For example: diamond = blue = French because they have a blue uniform.

WWI pack uniform -> Minecraft default armor

Belgian-> Netherite armor
French-> Diamond armor
German -> Iron armor
Britsh -> Golden armor
Austro-Hungarian -> Chainmail armor
Ottoman -> Leather armor



You can turn any sword into an object to attack melee, from a piece of board to a bayonet, it is preferable that you use the diamond sword or netherite to increase the damage.

Use the anvil to rename any sword by:

  • Gewehr Bayonet
  • Lee Enfield Bayonet
  • M1897 Bayonet
  • M1907 Bayonet
  • Mp18 Bayonet
  • Bat
  • Knife
  • Mace
  • Machete
  • Plank
  • Pipe
  • Shovel
  • Spike
  • Trench Mace



You can change the appearance of a splash potion of harming to a grenade, you can also use a grenade launcher on your rifle and fire it.

Use the anvil to rename the Ligering potion of poison by:
– Gas Grenade
– Plane bomb for aircraft use

Use the anvil to rename the Splash potion of harming by:
– Stick Grenade or Stielhandgranate
– Mills Bomb
– Plane bomb for aircraft use

Grenade Laucher:
Place a rocket in the left hand and the rifle in the right, then reload the weapon and you will see a grenade cannon appear in the muzzle.

This only work with the following guns:
– Lee Enfield
– Gewehr

If you want the rocket to do damage you have to do a specific crafting, check out this rocket guide:




These blocks are the same default blocks of minecraft, but with a different model and texture, that is, it will no change the properties of the block, it will only change the model and texture. Use them to decorate your world.

WWI pack block -> Minecraft default block

Ammo chest -> Double Chest
Ammo crate -> Dropper vertical
Bunker door -> Iron door
Commander table -> Cartography table
Crate -> Composter
Crate closed -> Composter lv 1
Crate semi-closed -> Composter lv 2
Crate with wine -> Composter lv 3
Crate with shells -> Composter lv 4
Crate with cards -> Composter lv 5
Crate with dirt -> Composter lv 7
Dirty landmine -> Stone pressure plate
Explosive chest -> Trapped chest
Explosive box -> Dynamite
Landmine -> Iron pressure plate
Makeshift wire -> Berry bush
Medic door -> Birch door
Medic crate -> Dropper horizontal
Medic chest -> Chest
Metal sheet -> Dark oak trapdoor
MG08 -> Dispenser
Red button -> Acacia button
Sand bag -> Glass pane brown
Sand bag block -> End stone bricks
Swampy land -> Honey block
Tank trapdoor -> Birch trapdoor
Tank cannon -> Red nether brick wall
Tank machinegun -> End rod
Trahs box -> Composter lv 6
Wire fence -> Dark oak fence
Wire barricate bottom -> Berry bush
Wire barricate top-> Cobweb
Wood sheet -> Spruce trapdoor


These items have a different appearance than what it is, you can use objects that were used in the First World War to your liking, see the following list.

WWI pack item -> Minecraft default item

Bullet -> Arrow
Emotional family photo -> Totem of undying
Food can -> Beef
Food can –> Carrot
Food can -> Goldencarrot
Food can -> Chicken
Food can -> Porkchop
Food can -> Rabitstew
Gasmask -> Pumpkin carved
Gas grenade -> Lingering potion
Lighter -> Stell and flind
Medickit -> Golden apple
Molotov -> Splash potion
Rock -> Snowball



Fly through the skies using the planes that wwi pack offers for you. In order to use them you must have certain items equipped so that it can work.


1) Equip the elytras, they have an invisible texture.

2) Select a one airplane. Use a anvil to rename the carved pumpkin and then put it on your head.

Rename one carved pumpkin by:
– sopwith
– sopwith red
– sopwith blue
– sopwith custom1

3) Get machinegun plane, copy the following command and paste in-game chat:

/give @p crossbow{display:{Name:"\"Sopwith Machinegun\""},Enchantments:[{id:quick_charge,lvl:5}]}

4) Go to options and set FOV: 110.

5) Use rockets to propel yourself into the air. 

6) Drink an invisibility potion. And done.

Extra) Rename a splash potion of harming or lingering potion of poison to plane bomb

– You can shoot explosive rockets using the crossbow.
– It is advisable not to use a very resistant armor, since the ground players must be able to shoot down the plane.
– You can drop bombs if you throw potions of harming or poison.
– It is recommended not to land once you start flying, if you are playing with friends and you touch the ground you must be eliminated immediately.
– You can design your own skin for the planes starting with the basic model and then load the texture to the planes that have the name custom1. Go to assets/minecraft/texture/blocks/extra/aircraft/custom_sopwith.pdn


Sopwith its a british plane


cooming soon!

More aircraft will be added in future versions of the pack.



Learn a little more about the history of the First World War with this short summary. You will be able to know how the war started, the most important events and the

Credits to Aletherynne#2663


After the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Francisco Fernando in Sarajevo, what would be one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of mankind was unleashed. Following the ultimatum given by Austria-Hungary to Serbia, the geopolitical machineries of the alliance systems were set in motion, and the Triple Alliance created in 1882 (Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy) and the Entente-Cordiale created in 1907 (France , United Kingdom and Russia). On July 28, 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia, later in August Germany declared war on Russia and then on France, quickly joining the United Kingdom after the conquest of Belgium and Luxembourg by Germany. A day later, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Russia and at the end of that year, the Ottoman Empire went to war with Russia.

In this first period of the year 1914, the great war effort of the European powers will begin to be seen, such as the attempt to conquer France by Germany in the well-known Schlieffen Plan to achieve a quick victory and avoid a war on two fronts. The rapid Russian mobilization and the failure of the military plan forced a German withdrawal, which led to a stabilization of the war from the winter of 1915, which is known as the trench warfare from 1915 to 1916. In this episode, the attempts to break the front carried out by Germany and France led to battles as heartbreaking as Verdun where, on the one hand, a large number of troops were found and, on the other hand, combat methods such as poison gas began to be used , tanks and planes with the pretense of causing great damage to enemy armies. In the geopolitical sphere, the departure of Italy from the Alliance to join the Entente-Cordiale, and the collapse of the RMS Lusitania that would force the US to abandon the protectionist policy and begin to look at the European scene, led to a change of course. from the war.

The course of the conflict will change radically in 1917 with the entry of the United States into the European conflict after the intensification of the submarine war by Germany in order to force the surrender of the United Kingdom. In Russia, the revolutionary process that ended the tsarist monarchy, led to the end of the war and a relaxation of the German war effort, which was able to allocate numerous troops to the western front. The increasing depletion of troops and resources, as well as the Ottoman defeat by the British and the Austro-Hungarian forces at the hands of the Italians at the Battle of Vittorio-Veneto, led Austria-Hungary to sign the Padua armistice that would end to war with Italy. In Germany the serious social and political crisis from which one arose led to the abdication of William II and the beginning of the well-known Weimar Republic. On November 11, 1918, the new government of Germany signed the Armistice of Compiègne that ended hostilities on European territory, but the war did not formally end until the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, whose harsh conditions led to the rise of the NSDAP and Hitler’s triumph in Germany.