Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Texture pack allow players to customize textures, models, music, sounds, language files, and others aspects of Minecraft. It is a compressed file that needs to be installed in your minecraft folder to work.

Optifine is a Minecraft optimization mod, is not necessary have minecraft forge.
Optifine allow additional items to my texture packs, you can get more weapons for my texture pack!

Check this easy guide:

You need Optifine installed in your minecraft. See the guide to know how use the extra items and more:

To look the items list:

If you have Optifine but the weapons do not work, check this frequent problems:

  • Enable this option in: Options/Video Settings/Quality/Custom items:ON
  • If you are using a new version of minecraft, optifine may not be available (Wait for optifine to be available)
  • Possibly there are incompatibility errors if you are using minecraft forge (Without solution for now)
  • Use the lastest version of Optifine for your Minecraft
  • If you are using a preview versions of Optifine, possibly not work for this weapons system (Wait for the final version)

The texture packs in the bedrock edition have a very different structure than the texture packs in the java edition, so it is not as easy as copy and paste and hope everything works fine. My packs usually receive frequent updates so working on both platforms is a very excessive work for one person. All my texture packs are only available for the java version, please don’t ask about it.

You can do it, but to avoid copyright problems, you must comply with the conditions:

  • You can’t claim my textures as your own
  • Give me credits somewhere visible within the map or within the map folder in a text file with the following:

For WWI pack:
Texture pack: World War I Texture Pack
Author: SachoSenior
Official page:

For Thalyrus:
Texture pack: Thalyrus Medieval Warfare
Author: SachoSenior
Official page:

No problems. You and your friends can use the pack a private server.

Using my texture packs or extracting any content such as textures or 3D models to be used in another work is prohibited by copyright regulations (see more). To avoid inconveniences you can acquire a license that allows you to use my pack under certain conditions, if you are interested in having this permission write to me on discord:


My texture packs are free, no payments required. Thalyrus Hero Addon is the only pack that requires payment, if you make a donation, i will give you rewards, see more here:

Contact me on Discord (SachoSenior#6920) or clic here to join in my Discord Server. You may have to wait for me to connect to answer you.