World War I Addon

My new texture pack in development, this addon it has been inspired by the world war i games. This addon will help you create your own battlefields. Include thematic guns and blocks ideal for decorating the battlefield.
This pack requires Optifine to work.

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WWI Addon

Includes only weapons, uniforms, items and thematic blocks


Includes the same as WWI Addon but adds textures to all blocks

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Minecraft (1.17.1)

WWI+Thalyrus II
Version 4 (Nov 06, 2021)
WWI Addon
Version 4 (Nov 06, 2021)

Minecraft (1.16.5)

WWI+Thalyrus II
Version 4 (Nov 06, 2021)
WWI Addon
Version 4 (Nov 06, 2021)


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Launched: Oct 04, 2021 | Progress: 65%  / 100% | Quality: 32×32 | Requires mod: optifine | Propourse: Map Making | Minecraft edition: Java | Author: SachoSenior | Pack status: developing

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