Thalyrus II Medieval Age

For lovers of medieval style, all the textures in this pack are designed in the medieval age, where many of the objects are built with wood and stone, with a dark color to give it a touch of seriousness. Designed to giving you a better experience in medieval combat. It’s recommended to use Optifine.

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Download Thalyrus II Medieval Age

Minecraft (1.18.1)

Thalyrus II
Version 0.4.1a (Dec 16, 2021)

Minecraft (1.17.1)

Thalyrus II
Version 0.4.1a (Dec 13, 2021)

Minecraft (1.16.5)

Thalyrus II
Version 0.4.1a (Dec 13, 2021)

Learn how to get more weapons

Note: to work you need Optifine to enable extra items and set Options/Quality/Custom Items: ON



Rename the Iron Sword or Iron Axe by:
• Iron spear
• Iron longsword
• Iron greatsword (Don’t use shield!)

Rename the Diamond Sword or Diamond Axe by:
• Diamond spear
• Diamond longsword
• Diamond greatsword (Don’t use shield!)

Rename the Netherite Sword or Netherite Axe by:
• Netherite spear
• Netherite longsword
• Netherite greatsword (Don’t use shield!)


Rename the Shield by:
• Round wooden shield
• Tear wooden shield
• Knight wooden shield

• Iron shield
• Round iron shield
• Tear iron shield
• Knight iron shield

• Diamond shield
• Round diamond shield
• Tear diamond shield
• Knight diamond shield

• Netherite shield
• Round netherite shield
• Tear netherite shield
• Knight netherite shield


• Platinum coin: rename emerald by platinum coin
• Gold coin: rename emerald by gold coin
• Silver coin: rename emerald by silver coin
• Copper coin: rename emerald by copper coin
• Thalyrus banner: Thing pattern
• Hold banner: put the banner in the left hand
• Kept sword: put any sword in the left hand


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Launched: Aug 02, 2021 | Progress: 45%  / 100% | Quality: 32×32 | Requires mod: optifine | Propourse: survival, build, combat | Minecraft edition: Java | Author: SachoSenior | Pack status: in developed

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