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Thalyrus II The new texture pack made by SachoSenior. Unlike its predecessor (Thalyrus Medieval Warfare) whose style was based on photo realism, Thalyrus II brings a new style of design in all textures using pure PixelArt, with the same idea of improving combat and pure medieval style.

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Thalyrus II it’s development started on October 2020 and continues to this day, I have been working hard to learn how to use pixelart and be able to offer a good quality to this new pack. The idea of thalyrus is to bring a new medieval atmosphere to minecraft, each texture is designed in this age, with the aim of making you feel that you are in a new game.

Thalyrus II like its predecessor, it changes many minecraft sounds, such as sword clashes, war cries and more, to give you a pure combat feeling. I’m still learning and improving my skill with the pure pixelated style, so before publishing the first version I will continue to improve my skill and offer the best quality to the final product.

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