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Donatios support me and show how much you love what i do. To thank you for your donation, i will give you:

  • "Addon Thalyrus Hero" a special pack will available for you
  • Downloads without ads! (requires Discord account)
  • Get @Donator role on my Discord Server
  • Your name will appear in the official page and Discord

How to make a donation!

  1. You can only donate by paypal, if you have paypal, click on the make a donation button to make a payment.
  2. Enter the amount of money you wish to donate, it must be greater than $1.37 (for commission reasons)
  3. Complete the payment and confirm it.
  4. Go to discord server or private chat and let SachoSenior#6920 know that you have donated, and claim your reward!
Donator Gallery

LedBelly2142 ($100.00)

$10.00 – $19.99
Rodrigo_Al ($15.00)

$6.00 – $9.99
LedBelly2142 ($7.00)
Sentaku_YUjo ($6.00)

$3.00 – $5.99
Count Choula ($5.00)

$1.37 – $2.99
Dyl4n ($2.00)
DropOff ($1.37)
D34NWYN ($1.37)