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Is focused on being a download page for my texture packs and giving information. In my discord channel you can see the last news about the pack, see the progress of the next updates, offer your ideas and receive notifications to download the last version of the pack.


World War I: Texture Pack, Thalyrus: Medieval Warfare and Thalyrus II: Medieval Age it’s a texture packs for Minecraft, owned by SachoProject and originally created by SachoSenior. Originally posted in:

World War I Texture Pack:
Thalyrus Medieval Warfare:

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Representatives: SachoSenior (Owner and author) and Rodrigo Al. (Legal representative)


My name is Juan Brito (SachoSenior) 21 years old and currently live in Venezuela, i speak Spanish and English (not so well). I am studying Engineering in System, i want to be a future programmer, engineer and designer. All time i work in my texture packs, i dedicate 1-5 hours all days to develop new textures and improved the texture packs to offer the best possible quality.

How i work

My job is to improve default textures of Minecraft, all existing textures in will be changed to my own designs and style. To design the textures i use Paint.NET and to make 3D models i use BlockBench. All these textures and 3D models are added in a compressed file that is later uploaded on dropbox, so everyone can download it and play with it in Minecraft. Ads and donations is my only way to earn money for my work and time used to create all this free content.

I am not interested in designing textures for other textures packs, im work only for me.